Ask any questions related to our betting alerts service

How do your alerts improve my betting?

Our team of experts provides alerts based on rigorous statistical analysis and a comprehensive understanding of  betting dynamics. This ensures that you place smart bets.

How does your service assist in bankroll management?

We not only suggest the selections but also the optimal stake in points. This unique feature helps you manage your bankroll effectively.

What's your service's performance record in football betting?

Our service has a track record of achieving consistent long-term profits. We have managed an average yield of 9% over a football betting season.

When should I place my bet after receiving an alert?

Place your bet as soon as you receive the alert, or just before the match starts to capitalize on potentially better odds.

If I prefer email notifications, is there an option to receive betting alerts directly to my inbox rather than via Telegram? If so, how can I set up this preference?

Yes, you absolutely can opt for email notifications. After you subscribe to our service, simply contact us and provide your email address. We will then set up your preference to ensure you receive the betting alerts directly to your inbox instead of through Telegram.

How does your betting alert service differentiate itself from others on the market?

We provide timely, accurate, and actionable insights tailored to a user's preferences (match odds or O/U), enhancing your decision-making in the betting market at affordable price.

How do you ensure the accuracy of the odds provided in the alerts?

We pride ourselves on the solid yield rate we've achieved, which is testament to our commitment to accuracy.

This speaks volumes about the reliability of the odds we share in our alerts. Rest assured, we're always on the ball, ensuring you get the best information available.

Can users get historical data on previous alerts for a particular service alert?

Of course! On the page of each alert service, you'll find:

- A betting history of alerts, showcasing details like date, league/tournament, game, selection, Betfair odds, point betting, score, result, Profit/Loss, and total Profit/Loss, all since the creation of the service.
- A handy graph illustrating the highs and lows of profits and losses over the course of time.

It's all laid out clearly, ensuring you can easily gauge our track record.

Can I specify which tennis tournaments or matches I want to receive alerts for?

No, we can't offer that option because each alert we dispatch is the result of rigorous statistical scrutiny and an understanding of tennis dynamics. Our team delves into betting trends, odds movements, and match dynamics to guarantee the precision of our alerts.

Do you offer a free trial period for the alert service?

Yes, we offer a 1-day free trial for our Betsensei services. Simply drop us an email specifying which service you'd like to try, and we'll provide you with access.

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